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Switching between iTunes accounts on your iPad - Tutorial

If you have two iTunes accounts you can easily switch back and forth through the settings on your iPad.  Watch this video to see a step by step demonstration.  This is a particularly helpful tip if you have a work account as well as a home account.

Guided Access 

Video Tutorial   - Read my blog post on this topic here!

My Current Favorite Apps
App Name
How I use it
Current Cost
Using the stamps and pens I have my students work on directional concepts.  I also use the iPad camera to take a picture of a worksheet and then import it as a background.  The kids really like using the iPad to complete the worksheet.
$.99 to remove the adds
I had the free version which includes /p/ and I purchased the r, l, s and th when they were on sale. My district just purchased the full version and I am so excited.  This app is the best articulation app I have. It allows you to set up groups and target sounds at the word, sentence and story level as well as comprehension for stories.
Lite Version is free
Pro version is $49.99
This is a cool app that allows you to make your own cartoon movie.  You can animate the characters and record your own voices.  I think this would be a fun articulation carryover practice.  It would also be great for grammar, language and vocabulary practice. 
Free Lite version
Upgrade to full version for $2.99
This a great app by Mobile Education Store.  This app has beautiful color pictures with 3 level of hints available for each picture.  This is a great app for helping my students work on sentence structure.  They can make up and record their own sentences with or without cues.  The recording is a great way for the students to get feedback.
Check out my blog post about this app here!  This is a free app with over 10,000 beautiful color photographs separated into categories. The new update added several games and new options! 
I recently got this app that is great for working with single students or groups on a variety of grammar goals.  The kids really like it and it allows me to target different goals for each kid.   The grammar targets are do/does, third person singular agreement, was/were, he/she, past tense verb agreement, has/have, is/are and regular/irregular plurals. 


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