Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween apps for speech

Happy October!
I came across a couple of apps today that I think would be fun to use in therapy over the next couple of weeks.  Although they are not traditional speech therapy apps, with a little creativity, they are great apps that engage students and address goals.

The first app is called Halloween Sound Shelf.  This app is really just a bookshelf of Halloween icons that make a spooky sound when you press them.  This would be a great in a group activity for making a story about Halloween.  This could be done with Halloween vocabulary words or Halloween themed articulation targets.  The kids write out a story and choose sounds to go into their story.  Students can take turns being the “reader” and being the "sound guy".  I really think the kids would get into this activity and I can't wait to try it next week with my students.

The second app is called Monster Mash Lite.  This is like one of those old flip books where you can change the head, torso and legs to create new monsters.  I think this would work well for kids working on describing.  They can create their own monster and then describe it to the other students or therapist.  Another idea would be to use the app like a barrier game and have the other students to draw what the student describes.  The students can then look at the iPad monster and drawn monsters and find the similarities and differences.

Let me know in the comments if you find other ones and how you would use them in therapy!