Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Taking Santa to the Salon

Have you seen the the free Christmas themed app from Toca Boca?  What a fun way to get into the spirit of the season and work on language skills at the same time. Don't have the app yet?  Check it out here!
Here are some of my ideas for using the app in therapy.

- have the student make up a sentence describing each thing they do to Santa.
- have the student use concept cards (free download) to help describe what is being done to Santa for those kids who need a little extra help generating a sentence.
-Have the student describe how Santa is feeling at each stage of the makeover (emotion cards included in the download) 

Following Directions
- Give the student specific directions as to what they should do to Santa. The student has to follow your directions precisely.
 *****If you are crazy lucky to have two iPads you could even have the students use the app for a barrier activity.  
- Have the student give you directions as to what you should do to Santa.

-Give the student single or multiple step directions and have them carry them out.
- Have the the student do 2 or 3 things to Santa and then tell you what they did in order.

Choose from two characters
Get to work on Santa's makeover

Check out my TPT site for the full 7 page download