Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Never buy flashcards again!

I came across a great free app while searching for the top free apps the other day.  I like to look at the top free apps every once in a while to see what is trending.  It worked out well for me as I found this great app that was just created by Grasshopper Apps.  The app is called Bitsboard and is a free app with over 10,000 beautiful color photographs separated into categories.  
On the initial download you get the emotions, exotic animals, landmarks, first sentences, learn English, learn German and learn Spanish boards.  Then you can go to the catalog and download any other boards that interest you.  You can also change the settings of the app to best suit your needs.  You can have just the word, just the photo and you can also turn the audio on or off. You can also change how the flashcards advance.

The above picture shows how my catalog looks now that I have gone through and downloaded many more of the boards. You can search by category or just page through all of the boards.  This app is ABSOLUTELY FREE!  No in app purchases whatsoever!  How cool is that?

One more thing about this fabulous app, are you ready?  You can create your own boards for free with your own photos and images!  You can't get any more customized than that!  Thanks to http://www.grasshopperapps.com/

P.S.  According to their app page on iTunes, more exciting FREE content and games are in the works for this app!  Gotta love that!