Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Halloween app activities

More Monster Mash Up Fun!
I posted last week about the free Monster Mash Up and using it for a barrier type of activity working on describing or similarities or differences.  Using screen shots I created some cards to accompany the app. You can preview and download the activity below.  This could work with a group of two or more.  Give one student the iPad and have them create a monster.  Then they describe their monster to the other students.  The other students then use the cards to create a monster that looks like the one on the iPad.  You can address attributes, sentence structure, listening skills, memory and so much more with this one activity.  You could also just make multiple sets of the cards and just use them if you don 't have an iPad.  Let me know what you think of this activity in the comments!
Sample Monster page 1

Download the pdf document here.  Then you can just print, laminate, cut and enjoy!  I hope you have fun finding great ways to use these cards and the free app in your speech room!
 Here is how I set up the activity for 2 students in my room.